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We would not be able to continue without the support of some very generous and special companies.  We thank them from the bottom of our hairy hooves!

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Heavy Horse Heaven is located in Yass, NSW, just north of Canberra.

At Heavy Horse Heaven we continue to work hard to set up the infrastructure and a support base to enable us to take in those heavy friends who are in need of some TLC or just a comfy place to live out their days.  There are many reasons that some people are unable to care for or keep their horses and we would like to help.

There are many wonderful horse rescue organisations around the country, but it would seem there are none dedicated to our gentle giants.

We commenced rescue in September 2011 and we invite you to view the 
stories of our rescues to date on their own individual pages.

Our aim is to:

RESCUE – Through many means, surrender, Sales Doggers etc.

REHABILITATE – However necessary, with some horses this just means getting them to trust people again, others may be on the brink of an untimely end due to mistreatment, starvation or lack of proper care, we have consulting vets that assist in guiding us to the best possible outcome for all horses, including health and medical attention.

RETRAIN  - For those that are sound of mind and body, we plan to retrain them to become valuable members of the Equestrian community once again.

REHOME – Our goal is to find suitable long term homes for all our horses, be they companion horses or those capable of being trained for competition mounts.

 We are a registered not for profit charity, an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient and operate in a financially transparent and auditable fashion. 

Any donation over $2 is tax deductible. We are self funded so rely upon fundraising, donations and sales of merchandise that you can find by visiting our "Webstore".